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PBCI is committed to supporting those efforts through drawing on the experience and insights of a global team of experts who see peacebuilding as an ongoing process of enabling people and communities to be fully engaged in their own development, governance and ecosystems.

We respond locally and internationally to the needs of CBOs, NGOs, UN agencies and local partners seeking to strengthen programme implementation, policy advocacy and democratic processes.

We bring together a set of core competencies designed to assist staff in managing complexity, forging networks and collaborative relationships. Our team represents an engaged toolbox of technical and human resource skills integrating knowledge, and implementing strategic partnerships and cross-practice initiatives.

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Rick Wallace
Community-Driven Peacebuilding, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Management, and Participatory Development

Rick holds a PhD (Peace Studies), LLM (International Human Rights Law), specializing in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, participatory change, international human rights law and indigenous peoples’ rights, mediation, organizational partnerships and team conflict.

He has over 20 years of experience as a Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant working in East Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC), with UNHCR and UNDP as well as INGOs such as Street Kids International, training people from government, civil society organisations and marginalised  communities in mediation, restorative justice, human security, leadership, negotiation, collaboration, and inclusive partnerships.

Jo-Ann Rodrigues
Women's Rights, Peace and Security

Jo has an MA in Peace Studies, as well as certificates in International Humanitarian Law and Mediation. She specializes in Women’s Rights, Peace and Security (WPS) issues, Gender Equality, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), as well as facilitating inter-cultural and religious dialogue, together with using social media as a tool for conflict resolution.

Jo brings 10 years experience working with UN agencies (UN WWOMEN, UNESCO) and various NGOs in training, facilitation, coaching, mediation, research and analysis, as well as project development, monitoring and evaluation in African, Afghanistan, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Jordan and Indonesia.

Michael Fryer
International Conflict Resolution

Michael has an MA in Conflict Resolution and specializes in Conflict Analysis and Conflict Mapping, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Peacebuilding, Dialogue Facilitation and Collaborative Partnership Training.

Michael brings 15 years experience training and facilitating with the EU, OSCE, Save the Children, Dialogue for Peaceful Change, International Alert, Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI), UK Ministry of Defence, Engineers Without Borders in a variety of contexts stretching from Northern Ireland, Norway, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka,India, Russia, Ghana, Italy, Spain, USA, to Thailand.

Fady Abusidu
Middle East Security and Conflict Resolution

Fady is a political scientist, policy advisor and trained diplomat with experience  extending more than 17 years. In addition to holding a BSc in Political Science, an MA in Conflict Resolution and a PhD in International security organisations, Fady received training in diplomacy and international relations in India, regional development in Greece and Arms Control and regional security in Geneva.

Fady's areas of interest are the Middle East, regional security, Peace Negotiations, International organisations and regional development, confidence building measures multi-party negotiations, cross-cultural dialogue and constructive communication processes in conflict situations. He speaks English and Arabic and has published in both languages.

Iliriana Kaçaniku
International and regional development, Balkans

Iliriana holds Masters degrees in International Relations and Security Studies and also International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Development Economics, specializing in project management, governance, civil society and democratization.

She has over 12 years of experience in post-conflict state-building working to design and develop collaborative partnerships at grassroots, national and international levels in order to engage with complex political, economic challenges. She has worked with the OSCE, EU, UNHCR as well as many international and national NGOs and CBOs.

Manuel Amarilla
Risk Analysis, Security and Peace-building Ground Operations Advisor

Manuel possess an MA with specialisation in International Politics and Security Studies, an Expert Degree in Crisis Management and Prevention and a Judicial Police Degree.

Manuel has over 18 years of international experience in electoral democracy, crisis prevention and risk management at political, economic, social and environmental realms within the Civil-Military Cooperation. He has worked with the UN, EU, OSCE and NATO in peace building operations in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Caucasus, Southern Asia and Eastern Europe, and in Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia.

Tobias Denskus
Communication for Development, ICT4D, Organisational Ethnography, Reflective practice

Tobias is Associate Professor for Communication for Development at Malmö University in Sweden. He holds a PhD in Development Studies (IDS/Sussex) and a MA in Peace Studies (Bradford). He specializes in peace building, project evaluation and communication technologies for development.

With more than ten years of experience in the field, his peacebuilding work took place in Nepal, Afghanistan and Macedonia and his current communication research, teaching and training activities include UNICEF as well as partners in Kenya, South Africa, Denmark and Canada.

Duff Conacher
Good Governance and Participatory Policy Making

Duff (LLB) specializes in strengthening good governance, accountability and participatory civil society policy making.  He is the former director of Democracy Watch and the author of more than 30 leading reports on government ethics and good government, resulting in almost 100 government ethics and good government changes to federal and provincial laws.

As one of Canada's top advocates of good governance for more than 15 years, Duff has directed national coalitions of NGOs and CBOs in bottom-up change, facilitated large-scale strategic planning, and alliance-building.

Kai Peter Stabell
Conflict Resolution

Kai has an MA in Conflict Resolution and a BA in Peace Studies. He specializes in Problem Solving; Project Design, Implementation, Management & Evaluation; Conflict and Impact Assessments; Mediation/Negotiation; Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration; Mine Action; Post-Conflict Reconstruction, and; always with a clear understanding of the importance of genuine empowerment of women in order to achieve the necessary gender equality.

He is an experienced development worker and has for the past seven years been with UNDP: respectively as part of the Conflict and DDR Teams (BCPR), Gender Team (BDP), Mine Action (UNDP Iraq), Poverty Group (BDP) and Security Office (BOM). Prior to UNDP Kai was based in Beirut as head of Sales and Marketing for humanitarian demining equipment and operations in the Middle East and Africa.

Josh Brem-Wilson
Food Sovereignty, Participatory Policy-making, Inclusive Governance and Collaborative Action Research

Josh holds a PhD in the International Politics of Food and Agriculture, and a Masters Degree in Research Methods. His work specialises in creating inclusive research and policy-making processes, with a strong emphasis upon the participation of small-scale food producer and peasant organisations. His primary field of experience is the institutional milieu of international food and agricultural policy-making and governance, where he has undertaken consulting and research for La Vía Campesina and the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty, a transnational civil society network comprising social movements and NGOs organised on a food sovereignty platform.

Josh is a Research Associate at the International Centre for Participation Studies, University of Bradford, UK.  He also teaches on a range of post-graduate food and agriculture-related courses for the Universitat Oberta De Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Job Akuni
Indigenous conflict management, post-conflict peacebuilding, and electoral democracy

Job holds a Masters in Peace and Governance, a B.ED and is a doctoral candidate in Peace Studies. Job is an educationist and training facilitator, peace and governance specialist with over 14 years of work experience in complex conflict emergencies and post-conflict context of Eastern and Southern Africa.

He has since worked for several national and international organisations and Universities in Africa and the UK. Job currently works for the Advocates for Research in Development (ARiD) and the African Union Election Observation Mission as its long-term election observer.

Karim El Mantawi
Communications, Media Literacy, Cross-cultural Dialogue, Digital and Expressive Arts

Karim holds an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies, specializing in Media. He has 10 years of experience in multilateral web-based dialogue facilitation, teaching, film production and media monitoring. He lectures at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, and has worked with Sarcom, a Vodafone company in Egypt, and Soliya, a partner of the UN Alliance of Civilizations and Search for Common Ground.

He has also produced numerous PSA's and documentary films for UNICEF, UNDP, the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (JHU-CCP) and government bodies in Egypt.

Natalie Abdou
Youth Engagement Organizational Partnering, and Social Justice Education

Natalie holds a post-graduate degree in International Project Management and is an M.ED candidate in in Adult Education and Community Development. She specializes in supporting youth, communities, organizations and NGO workers in developing partnerships through programming, collaborative planning, participatory education and arts-informed practice.

She has over 10 years of Canadian and international experience in citizen-led development, community engagement, partnership development, advocacy and social justice. Natalie has worked in mine risk education in rural Yemen and in coordinating youth partnership programs with 19 organizations across the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.

Douglas F. Williamson
sustainable development, youth training, communications, digital storytelling, sustainability ethics, virtual collaboration and community building

Douglas holds Master degrees in International Relations and in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, specializing in cross-cultural communications, sustainability values, youth empowerment, digital storytelling, and social media.

He has more than ten years of experience working on sustainability social science, communications, and education with global youth as an independent consultant, while on staff at United Nations University's International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change, at the US Environmental Protection Agency, and at Earth Charter International in Costa Rica, and is an award-winning environmental filmmaker.

Dr. Eric Abitbol
Environmental Peacebuilding, Water Resources Governance, Conflict Sensitivity, Dialogue Design and Facilitation

Eric Abitbol holds a PhD in Peace Studies (Bradford) and an MSc in International Relations (LSE), specializing in conflict sensitive water resources governance and environmental peacebuilding.

He has more than 20 years of experience as a conflict transformation, sustainability and  dialogue practitioner, researcher and consultant. In Israel/Palestine, South Africa,  Bangladesh and elsewhere, he has worked with International Alert, Minority Rights Group, World Bank, University of the Streets Café, American University (DC) and other government, NGO and academic actors. Eric Abitbol is Associate Editor at the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development.

Denis Bradette
Conflict Resolution, Youth and Facilitation

Denis has a BA in environmental studies and French and an MFA candidate in visual arts. He specializes in innovative conflict resolution skills training for students and teachers within the public school system in Canada and internationally. He has experience in school-based peacebuilding through the integration and hybridizing of art-making, pedagogy, ecological concerns and social engagement.

Denis has since concretely contributed to building collaborative problem-solving skills, cohesive group work, and expanding the tangible life-skills of diverse sectors of civil society and for the 60,000 member Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

Stephen Brimley
Economic Development, Environmental Management, Development of Culturally-based Systems of Conflict Transformation and Strengthening of Local Criminal Justice Systems

Stephen holds a B.A. in Economics specializing in comparative economic structures and community development and a MSc in Anthropology and Ecology of Development with a speciality in community-based conservation.

He has over 10 years of experience working directly with indigenous communities throughout North America and southern and East Africa in helping them to build culturally appropriate systems of self-governance in the areas of environmental management, governance and criminal justice.

Adam Baird
Citizen Security, Violence Prevention, Urban Governance and Youth Inclusion

Adam holds a PhD and MA in Peace Studies, specializing in Citizen Security and violence prevention & reduction, with a focus on DDR, gangs, crime & drug trafficking, youth, gender - including masculinities -, governance & forms of civic participation.

He has over a 10 years of experience as a Trainer, Facilitator and Urban Violence Prevention Consultant working in Latin America and the Caribbean and consulted with the  UNDP, ICRC, UNICEF, Norwegian Red Cross , as well as with government and state institutions, and civil society organisations.

Paul Chambers
Human Rights, Social and Political Conflict, Peacebuilding, Conflict Analysis

Paul holds a PhD in Peace Studies and an MA in Ethics, Religion and Society, specializing in the analysis and prevention of social and political conflict, with a focus on the role of human rights in conflict and post-conflict scenarios.

With over a decade of experience, based in Colombia since 2007, Paul has carried out research on human rights, governance and violence, forced displacement, local peacebuilding processes, and the ideological dimensions of conflict analysis. He has worked with national and international NGOs and collaborated on research with government agencies and universities.

Lee McKenna
Conflict Transformation, Peace-building, Gender, Economic Literacy, Interfaith, Strategic Planning

Lee holds Master's degree and is a PhD candidate (Theology and Peace Studies), specialising in preventative/post-conflict community-based resilience, peace-building, gender, as well as negotiations and mediation between insurgent communities and state institutions.

She has over 25 years of experience working with international development agencies, NGOs, CBOs and communities stretching from El Salvador to Colombia, India to the Philippines, and the DRC Congo to Sudan and South Sudan. She is a trainer, facilitator, and consultant in community capacity building, inter-community collaboration and implementing international human rights policies.

Bengt Skotheim
Global Health, Conflict Analysis, Project Evaluation

Bengt Skotheim is a Senior Adviser for the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Oslo Norway. He received his Master in International Politics and Security from the University of Bradford.

For the last five years, Bengt has worked on global health issues and issues relevant for Norway's work in World Health Organization (WHO). Through his capacity as a Senior Adviser Mr. Skotheim has, on behalf of the Norwegain government, served on the board of WHO Europe.

Mr. Skotheim is an observer on the board for Global Health and Vaccination Research (GLOBVAC) and Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research. Mr. Skotheim also contributes to the global health policy debate by way of lectures and information exchange with universities and civil society interest groups.

Lisa Schirch
Community-Driven Peacebuilding, Conflict Assessment, Human Security, Civil-Military Coordination, Security Sector Reform, Media and the Arts

Lisa Schirch holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and has over 25 years of experience. A former Fulbright Fellow in East and West Africa, Schirch has worked in over 20 countries and has written six books.

She is currently the Director of Human Security at the Alliance for Peacebuilding and Research Professor at Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice & Peacebuilding. While her primary experience has been working with local civil society, she has also been a consultant for UNDP, USIP, USAID, and the World Bank.

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