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Team Building

• Designing an organizational system to pro-actively manage conflicts
• Mediating interpersonal and groups conflicts involving staff, community members or other organizations
• Accelerating and replenishing team cohesion and collaboration

Approach and Outcomes
Conflicts are inevitable in every organization, community and interpersonal relationship. They can be opportunities to constructively change or if left inadequately attended, they can become destructive in ways that ripple far beyond the immediate conflict.

Effective training in strategic communication and mediation is just two of the options when designing a conflict resolution framework or process for communities or organizations. Developing a clear framework and transparent process for conflict resolution ensures that problems can be addressed before they escalate out of control with unforeseen consequences.

At the same time, there are many models and approaches to conflict, each of which have value in specific situations. Moreover, designing a conflict resolution process organization or one involving the larger community needs to be culturally relevant and inclusive of indigenous approaches. As organizations often straddle multiple worlds, building a process for conflict resolution is one of the best ways of building peace and integrating it into the larger community.