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Restorative Justice

  • Training community members to participate in processes of restorative justice, sentencing circles, and/or large-scale reconciliation design
  • Training the trainers to expand into multiple communities

Approach and Outcomes
Restorative Justice is often used in terms of the formal justice system between victims and offenders that seeks restore a harmony between people rather than simply punishing someone. While Restorative Justice is seen as something new, reconciliation between people(s) is at the epicenter of our capacity to live together in community.

Whether it is inter-generation trauma, lateral violence, or physical violence, they are wounds that have pervasive impacts. Healing and making right any harm done at the personal and community level involves processes of dialogue, negotiation and responsibility.

While people themselves need to define what constitutes reconciliation in their own contexts, training in various forms of restorative justice enables individuals and communities to (re-)institute empowering processes of listening, negotiating and creating their own solutions.