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Research and Policy

• Working with a war-affected communities and children to how an NGO project can strengthen their healing
• Comparing diverse community-based mediation programs for use in a post-conflict society

Approach and Outcomes
Thinking differently about how to do research involves both methodology and understanding research as a tool for developing outcomes of critical learning and new projects.

For example, grassroots community-based peacebuilding involving Indigenous and non-Indigenous activists in Canada can be understood as locally produced knowledges, experiences and practices. Research done in this way is not about an expert claiming an objective truth, rather it is research that contains community priorities and transformative possibilities.

In a larger sense, such a participatory approach opens up new possibilities in the field of development, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. So, too, is it for policy. How we go about researching the policy will determine its outcome.

We look at policy and research as real opportunities to think outside the box and create participatory processes that reflect the experiences of people actually involved in the conflict.