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Participatory Processes

• A community designing a health care centre
• A Band Council or municipality developing a budget
• Working with organizational partners to develop new projects

Approach and Outcomes
Participatory processes provide an inclusive space for remarkable ideas and unheard priorities to surface. Increasingly communities want to be re-involved in consultations and decisions that affect their lives. Such participation can occur in multiple forms, take place at different stages, and demand various levels of transparency and accountability. Equally important, designing and managing such participatory processes require concerted efforts to include and enable the most marginalized to voice their needs.

Creating and coordinating participatory processes involves clear values of inclusion, building community and organizational capacities to advocate, strong group facilitative skills, and developing circles of information sharing and decision-making.

Designing participatory processes, building strong communities, and supporting good governance needs to be understood as an integrated approach for development and peacebuilding.