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• Assisting a group or team to develop a project or strategy
• Creating an inclusive, neutral and participatory community dialogue

Approach and Outcomes
There are numerous ways of facilitating groups of people, be it in a small self-help group, professional inter-organizational working group, or a larger community forum. A well-facilitated meeting helps encourage discussion, maintain focus, looks for common interests and consensus, clarifies possible options, decision-making and next steps, while simultaneously ensuring equitable inclusion and participation.

That being said, facilitation can also be understood as a ongoing dance. While there might be a certain amount of improvisation, we all need to know the steps if we are to work well together. This involves strengthening everyones skills
in listening, mediating, leadership, and collaboration. While professional facilitation is sometimes extremely useful in escalated situations, it is the strengthening of the internal capacity of communities and organizations to facilitate themselves that leads to sustainable projects and inclusive processes of participation.