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Sherwood Hines

Conflict Resolution, Youth and Facilitation

Trainer, Mediator and Management Consultant

Sherwood has been a community outreach worker, workshop facilitator, and youth and family counselor for more than 20 years. A trained conflict mediation negotiator, anger management counselor, and peace circle facilitator, Sherwood has worked in inner-city and rural community projects in Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Ghana, and Indonesia.

Sherwood is also an experienced and successful program developer and grant writer. His community projects have dealt with issues of poverty, literacy, gang violence, anger management, sexual and physical abuse, and drug and alcohol harm reduction.

Sherwood has received national awards for his work in grassroots community education examining economic, religious, race, and gender structures as sources of personal and inter-personal conflict.

Educated at Conrad Grebel College (University of Waterloo), Ryerson University, and the University of Toronto, Sherwood has degrees in Political Science, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Education.