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Manuel Amarilla

Risk Analysis, Security and Peace-building Ground Operations Advisor

Advisor, Trainer and Management Consultant

Manuel brings over 18 years of international experience with both public and private sectors with expert knowledge in areas of conflict, crisis prevention and risk management.

His working background with various organisations including UN, EU, OSCE and NATO, Manuel has been involved in peace building operations in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Caucasus, Southern Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as high risk conflict scenarios including Afghanistan, Iraq and complex political-economic-security environments including recent Russian election.

His major focus has been the democratisation, human rights protection and capacity development in the areas of international and national electoral supervision and collaboration; risk management at political, economic, social and environmental realms within the Civil-Military Cooperation; and the generating of new skills and capacities in law enforcement agencies' strategic planning and ground level operative security during electoral periods.

Manuel brings a diverse array of experiences and knowledge in developing and implementing on-the-ground partnerships, tailored trainings in strategic management and leadership, strategic organization and security reviews, and helping to generate new capacities and positive energies to manage high-risk conflict situations.

Manuel posses an MA in International Politics and Security Studies from the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford UK). He holds an Expert Degree in Crisis Management and Prevention (University of Carlos III of Madrid) and a Judicial Police Degree from the Ministry of Interior in Spain. He has received awards from the OSCE, UN and the Spanish authorities for his commitments towards democratisation and peace building efforts.