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Josh Brem-Wilson

Agri-Food Policy Analyst and Peacebuilding

Advisor, Trainer and Research Consultant

Josh is motivated by a strong commitment towards the principles of inclusive policy-making and governance. His primary field of experience has been the intuitional milieu of international food and agricultural policy-making and governance, where he has worked with a range of different actors. He is particularly proud of his work with and for global peasant farmers’ social movements and the actors and organisations that support them.

Josh has a successful track record of collaborative research, the provision of strategic and political analysis, and public communication. He also brings to his work an applied understanding of the concepts and theories of inclusive decision-making, particularly as these pertain to the participation dynamics of “non-elites”.

Josh is at present working on a book exploring the attempts of the global social movement La Via Campesina to gain voice within global food policy processes, expected to be published by 2013.

He holds a PhD and Masters Degree (MA) from the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford. He also tutors for the Universitat Oberta De Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, for its module on Agrifood Policy Analysis.