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Fady Abusidu

Middle East Security and Conflict Resolution

Analyst, Researcher and Trainer Consultant

With more than 15 years of first-hand experience in Middle East politics and security negotiations, Fady’s versatile career in political institutions, diplomatic venues and academic research provide him with unique insights, capacities and expertise in peacebuilding. He specializes in multi-party negotiations, cross-cultural dialogue and constructive communication processes in conflict situations.

Fady has been a member of various Middle East formal and Track II negotiations on arms control and regional security, as well as a representative of governmental and political institutions to international and regional gatherings. With a rich research portfolio that includes international research projects on regional security, codes of conduct and confidence building measures in the Middle East, Fady’s knowledge base, practical experience and specialized skills are an asset to any project, policy development and/or training program.

Fady is completing his PhD in Strategic Studies from the Univesity of Bradford, UK) and holds an MA in Conflict Resolution as well as a BSc in Political Science from Cairo University (Egypt). In addition, Fady has extensive specialised training in human rights, international law, inter-regional collaboration and intergovernmental institutions (India, Greece, Switzerland and UK).