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Duff Conacher

Good Governance and Participatory Policy Making

Director and Lead Consultant

As one of Canada’s top advocates of good governance for more than 15 years, Duff Conacher (LL.B.) is the author of more than 30 leading reports on government ethics and good government, including the most detailed evaluations ever completed of the integrity of Canada’s federal government for the 2007, 2008 and 2010 Global Integrity Reports;

Duff has worked for the Government of Ontario in policy and legal positions, and in those positions and as Coordinator and Board member of Democracy Watch has participated in 23 Canadian government policy-making
processes which resulted in almost 100 government ethics and good government changes to federal and provincial laws, including the establishment and/or strengthening of the Ontario Judicial Advisory Appointments Committee, the Ontario Judicial Council, and the federal Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Public Sector Integrity Commissioner and Commissioner of Lobbying.

Duff is Adjunct Professor at University of Toronto Faculty of Law teaching Law of Good Governance and Ethics in Government and Business. He is functionally bilingual in French, and proficient in Spanish.