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Denis Bradette

Conflict Resolution, Youth and Facilitation

Trainer, Mediator and Management Consultant

Denis Taman Bradette is a bilingual (French/English) educator and artist based in Northern Ontario, Canada. He specializes in innovative conflict resolution skills training for both students and teachers within the public school system in Canada and internationally.

Well-versed in working with young students, Denis focusses on teaching conflict resolution skills both in the classroom as well as presenting anti-bullying teacher-training workshops for the 60,000 member Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Denis’ trainings have concretely contributed to building collaborative problem-solving skills, cohesive group work, and expanding the tangible life-skills of diverse sectors of civil society.

Internationally, Denis most recently directed a two-month peacemaking education project working with teachers and students in Ukraine through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). This project built bottom-up skills for social change by engaging learners in utilizing and adapting community-based approaches for transforming aspects of an ongoing low-level social conflict in Ukraine.

In an increasing acknowledgement of the need for formal educational institutions to be pro-active in peacebuilding, Denis brings a unique approach to school-based peacebuilding through the integration and hybridizing of art-making, pedagogy, ecological concerns and social engagement. Incorporating these eco/social concerns with art and pedagogy allows for new educational models to emerge, helping to integrate students from a broader spectrum of society, potentially transforming special education and other programmes within public education.

Denis has BA in environmental studies and French (University of Waterloo, Canada) and is currently completing an MFA in visual arts (University of Ottawa, Canada).