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Bilha Ndomo

Agriculture, Farmers Cooperatives, East Africa

Trainer, Facilitator and Adult Educator Consultant

Bilha brings 15 years of experience as a communications specialist and adult educator with specialized knowledge of agriculture in East Africa, and specifically the tea industry in Kenya.

With a background in communications and public relations with the Kenya Tea Development Agency, Bilha has strong communication skills with the ability to draw from rural outreach experience to over 600,000 small-scale tea farmers in Kenya using a variety of innovative community-based approaches.

As a writer, researcher and journal editor, Bilha continually brings together diverse aspects of agriculture from the perspective of a developing world, its links to community sustainability, and the complexity of production and marketing in a local-global world.

Bilha holds a Diploma in Leadership Development from the Coady International Institute (Canada), Diploma in Public Relations Management from the Kenya Institute of Management, and is currently pursuing a Degree in Information Systems and Business at St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.