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Adam Baird

Citizen Security, Crisis Recovery and Youth Inclusion

Trainer, Facilitator and Urban Violence Prevention Consultant

Adam is a specialist in urban violence and has worked substantially with gangs and processes of male youth inclusion. He has over a 10 years of experience working in Latin America and the Caribbean and currently consults as an ‘Associate Expert to the UNDP in the area of Crisis Prevention and Recovery’ with a focus on Citizen Security. He has also consulted with the ICRC and Norwegian Red Cross in Latin America.

In 2011 he designed a youth violence intervention project for the UNDP in Belize called “Southside Youth Success”, which won US$220,000 start-up funding from the US Embassy.

Adam holds a PhDds and MA in Peace Studies (University of Bradford). In early 2012 he was a visiting research scholar at the City University of New York funded by the Open Societies Institute. He is currently Assistant Professor on the ‘Sustainable Urban Governance and Peace’ Master’s Program at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica, and is writing a policy-oriented book on urban violence prevention.