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Types of Peacebuilding

Community Level International Level Territorial/Provincial/National Level

Driven by empowering community and organizational approaches, Community-based peacebuilding transforms problem situations and large conflicts by enabling participatory community and organizational processes that strengthen partnerships, collaborative problem-solving and effective negotiation within groups, communities and institutions. It opens the box of possibility by fostering effective communication, extending collaborative problem-solving and applying interest-based negotiation to the everyday.

Communities, NGO, CBOs, civil society, funders, government and international intergovernmental organizations are confronted with challenging and complex environments that increasingly demand integrative approaches, expertise in participatory processes, and new skills in democratic mediation, partnership facilitation and consensus negotiation. The time for community-based peacebuilding has arrived.

Successful community-based peacebuilding requires communities, funders and implementing organizations to foster vertical and horizontal knowledge exchanges, develop process of collaboration, increase capacities for mutual problem-solving and conflict resolution, and implement well-articulated peacebuilding goals that enable and empower marginalized groups, communities, and partners to direct their own future of peace and development.

Affirming the power of people to produce their own knowledges, approaches and capacity to negotiate new relationships, a community-based approach to peacebuilding places particular emphasis on these values:

  • Inclusiveness. We're all in this together, so everybody is wanted at the table.
  • Participatory development. Because people don’'t get developed, they develop themselves.
  • Responsive governance. Authority listens and responds to move beyond past failures.
  • Human rights. Respect for human rights points to peace, and every violation back to war.
  • Community security. Focusing on what people need to feel safe in their own communities.