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About Us

We are peacebuilding experts who advise and assist organizations, projects and communities to:

  • Implement processes and solutions that help people creatively think outside of the box
  • Strengthen collaboration between partners, communities and within teams
  • Transform conflict into positive processes that support social change
  • Integrate local and global experiences for participatory planning and governance
  • Build effective capacities in leadership, negotiation, facilitation, consensus building, communication, and conflict management
  • Develop programming in restorative justice, reconciliation and conflict transformation


Rick Wallace
Director and Lead Consultant
LeeAnn Mckenna
Associate Consultant, Conflict Transformation, Peace-building, Gender, Economic Literacy, Interfaith, Strategic Planning
Duff Conacher
Associate Consultant, Good Governance and Participatory Policy Making
Manuel Amarilla
Associate Consultant, Risk Analysis, Security and Peace-building Ground Operations Advisor
Jo-Ann Rodrigues
Associate Consultant, Women’s Rights, Peace and Security
Maria Swain
Associate Consultant, Indigenous Peoples
Michael Fryer
Associate Consultant, International Conflict Resolution
Fady Abusidu
Associate Consultant, Middle East Security and Conflict Resolution
Bilha Ndomo
Associate Consultant, Agriculture, Farmers Cooperatives, East Africa
Adam Baird
Associate Consultant, Citizen Security, Crisis Recovery and Youth Inclusion
Niki Landau
Associate Consultant, Peace Building and Theatre
LJ Nelles
Associate Consultant, Community Theatre, Arts and Youth
Josh Brem-Wilson
Associate Consultant, Agrifood Policy Analyst and Peacebuilding
Denis Bradette
Associate Consultant, Conflict Resolution, Peer Mediation and Anti-Bullying, Art and Social Change
Rachael Currie
Associate Consultant, International Development and Community Partnerships
Natalie Abdou
Associate Consultant, Youth Engagement Organizational Parnering, and Social Justice Education
Sherwood Hines
Associate Consultant, Conflict Resolution, Youth and Facilitation